Creating our own

My video is important because it shows that peoples eyes are not able to catch everything. It helps prove the point that eyewitness testimony is not such a reliable thing. What my video is trying to teach is the fact that eyewitness testimony is not always accurate. Some things will go unseen but be right in front of your eyes. I hope that you are able to learn that you cannot catch everything with your eyes only, even if you believe you can.

Eyewitness testimony is someone giving their input on what they believe to have happened. If someone was a witness at a shooting, and they gave a description of what happened, they would be giving an eyewitness testimony. There was a case in 1987, a man was charged with murder and rape of a little girl. Three people had said that he was the killer even though they had only saw a quick glance. There was no physical evidence that was linked to the man who was convicted, but the eyewitnesses believed that it was him, so he had to be the murder, right? Wrong. When shown another picture of a different man, an original witness had said that he was the actual one to do the crime. So is eyewitness testimony always a good thing? No, because it’s not always correct but it can be helpful.

I believe eyewitness testimony, alone, should not be enough evidence to convict someone of a crime. The human eye cannot see everything going on around, there is a focus point and once you are locked in on that focus point, there are so many things that can happen close to you but you don’t realize.

Hopefully, I am not a suspect for a big crime, but if I was, I would want solid evidence because I know what can go wrong with an eyewitness testimony. I would tell people- the jury and judge- that eyewitness testimony, alone, is not enough evidence for a conviction. I would try my hardest to let everyone know how unreliable it really is.


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