Her Conscious

Some criminal cases are interesting. In 1987, there was a case with two girls in their twenties. Everyone thought they were beautiful. There was a guy, and both girls wanted to date him but of course only one could. They decided on having a “friendly” duel for him. Neither of the two girls thought someone would get hurt, let alone die.

A girl named Jessica was convicted of the murder of another girl named Jane. The two were best friends and everyone knew it. Of course when a guy comes between the two, things don’t end well, it never does.

The two girls were fighting and their friends were the unofficial judges. They went in the backyard of Jane’s house, it wasn’t supposed to get so heated and real. Yet something always has to go wrong. Jessica pushed Jane back and she tripped over a rock and fell onto the concrete patio. It got silent after she didn’t get up. Everyone one was concerned, Jessica thought she was faking it so she could blind side her.

All friends got really nervous when they saw a puddle of blood start to form around Jane’s head. Jessica ran up to her and flipped her around so she could see her face and check her pulse. There wasn’t a pulse so Jessica let out a scream, the others thought it was a fake scream but they didn’t know what really happened. The other friends got up and went over to Jane careful not to touch her.

“We need to call an ambulance!” one screamed

“No, she doesn’t have a pulse, do you know how much trouble we will get in if they find out we were here? We could go to prison!” Jessica yelled.

They all decided to leave her there and pretend it didn’t happen. The three others said their goodbyes to Jane and went out the back door, it would be too obvious if they went out the front. Jessica was last to leave so she shut the door, little did she know she left a print on the inside of the door handle where blood was.

A few days later, there was a knock at Jessica’s door,  Police were there to arrest her for the murder of Jane. She didn’t say anything, she was so shocked and scared. When they got to the police station they asked her and she wouldn’t talk so they told her that there was an eyewitness. She wanted to cry, would her friends really turn her in? They also informed her that a hair was found on Jane’s body and it matched Jessica.

She ended up confessing, so the truth came out. Investigators also found that, even if she tried to lie and say she didn’t hangout with Jane, there was a Snapchat story of the two girls together. There would have been no way that Jessica could have actually gotten away with the accidental murder of her best friend’s death.img_1790


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