Is DNA really the best?

There is a question about DNA, if it is really reliable or just another helpful tool. I’m here to tell you, DNA is the most reliable and useful.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), is a Deoxyribose sugar molecule, which has a phosphate attached, and nitrogen base attached, everything connects to run smoothly. DNA is the molecule that carries genetic material through  nearly all living organisms. Below, there are the nitrogen base pairs, those pairs are specifically paired together to function a certain way, that happens when two bases create a hydrogen bond. Guanine goes with Cytosine, and Adenine goes with Thymine. To separate mixtures of DNA, RNA, or proteins, there is  special method used called Gel Electrophoresis, where the molecule that needs to be separated is pushed by and electrical field and gets pulled along. While that is happening, the DNA gets separated by size and then looked at individually.

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Illustration showing the double helix structure of DNA.

Everyone has different DNA, that’s what makes us, unique. If we all had the same little details, then we would be synced. But our details help differ us from everyone, it helps prove we are innocent or sometimes, guilty on a forensic case. If there wasn’t a way to look at DNA closely, then everyone would be convicted for the same thing. Nothing would be able to be proven. With the information it holds, DNA can help. As DNA gets looked at more and more, it is proven to be very reliable and a solid form of evidence. DNA is always going to be around, as long as people are. So there will always be solid proof too.

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Some people might say, “Why is DNA looked at so much? There is other reliable sources, like testimony”. Well although that is true, there are more reliable sources. DNA will not lie, or it cannot be made up so easily, or faked. Therefore DNA is the most reliable.

People might include, “DNA maybe not be looked at closely enough, there are cases where the DNA wasn’t looked at carefully and the wrong person was convicted”. Yes, some cases, have sadly not been looked at thoroughly therefore incorrect information was passed on. But, although that has happened, most of the time, the evidence given (DNA) is looked at closely to insure the right person is convicted.

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My purpose here was to try to inform you, the reader, more about DNA and how reliable it is. As stated earlier, everyone has a slightly unique sequence of DNA therefore, it is easier to be looked at and compare it to the main trace. If there are further questions, I suggest doing some more research. You can never learn about one topic too much. If no more questions, then I encourage asking others about this topic, where do they stand on the idea that DNA is the most reliable.


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