The strings of life

The stringing method is a common method for determining the the point of origin. The location of the area of convergence and the angle of impact for each bloodstain are used to find the approximate area they all came from. Forensic scientists use the stringing pattern method to help them find out the starting point. First, the scientists create a Y and X axis and using a protractor, they measure and try to find the angle at which the spatter came from.

Blood spatter analysis is very important because the analysis can help solve a case or help give information. The size and shape help to pin point a starting location. A spot can be reliable and determine where the shot was fired from. In court, the evidence can help eliminate possibilities, it cannot prove the case. It should be used to delete unnecessary information, and to focus on the new, helping information.

A drop can say a lot. The blood creates a pattern and can lead to some conclusions. They can “show” actions that could have happened. Information can be gained, including, the position, the possible weapon type, even the way at which the blow was. In the end, blood spatter analysis is very helpful. Many things can be determined from the blood pattern and help cases.


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