Minecraft Mania

PSA: The President and Vice President of Minecraft have been found dead. Do not fret, a group from the Bureau of Investigation has come down to find the two people who have done this. There will be justice and questions will be answered, stay tuned.

As I looked into the bodies of the President and the Vice President, I looked for the angle of trajectory. With my findings, I came across the theory that there is two shooters. One shooter was high up in a tall building, therefore he was able to get a good angle of 180 degrees above the President and could get him with a few shots. Those shots came from the top of a building, heading south. While the shooter who killed the Vice President was in close range to the victim, probably a couple yards, wavering around 90 degrees. This shooter was heading north towards the VP. The President had one entrance wound on the top of his head and that exited through his left abdomen and entered his left arm, finally leaving his left arm. The Vice President had four entrance wounds, 3 in the stomach/chest area, and one exit wound.

With the help of the crime scene photos, we were able to analyze that the President was in the courtyard and therefore he was in open area where someone, the shooter, could see him from the top of Hotel De Bleu. While the Vice President was in the the lunchroom, at his usual spot, someone approached him and was in close range, at the same height as the VP.

While we tried to figure out where the shooter was at, during the Presidents assassination, we came to the conclusion that the shooter must have been up the Hotel De Bleu because that building is south west of the President. Doing our calculation, the height of the building is 302.6ft, while the angle was shot around 53.6 degrees, we found out the tangent by dividing the height by the degree. Finishing out the math, we figured out the shooter was 153.3 meters away.

Many of the witnesses talked about the courtyard and Hotel De Bleu. It felt good knowing that Hotel De Bleu was important, with the help of the witnesses. There was something that struck my mind, Little Bobby said he heard seven gunshots. My group and I only found 5 entrance wounds, therefore Maxine must have been correct, saying “the Vice President was able to shoot his gun one time”. The testimonies were very helpful, considering that a few of the people were saying similar things. The statement that Little Bobby said, should be looked into more considering and eyewitness testimony cannot be 100% reliable.

The bullet came out to a total of 4cm. With a bullet that length size, the gun also had to be bigger, and therefore longer. With the casing out of the picture, there is less evidence to look at. Maybe it was taken and disposed of.


I still believe there were two shooters since the President and his VP were not right by each other. My group and I came to the conclusion that the President was shot from a higher stance, like the Hotel De Bleu, while the Vice President was shot at a much closer range, on the same level. With all the information I kept receiving, I would get a bit overwhelmed and therefore question if I had all the information in order, and if all the statements got looked at.


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