Under the soil

  My partners and I went around getting a soil sample to test the pH level. Then Mr. Cater hit us with the purpose of our soil test and how it will be useful later. Someone was mean enough to take Mr. Caters bike, so of course, he had us do a little investigation. First, … More Under the soil

Minecraft Mania

PSA: The President and Vice President of Minecraft have been found dead. Do not fret, a group from the Bureau of Investigation has come down to find the two people who have done this. There will be justice and questions will be answered, stay tuned. As I looked into the bodies of the President and … More Minecraft Mania

The strings of life

The stringing method is a common method for determining the the point of origin. The location of the area of convergence and the angle of impact for each bloodstain are used to find the approximate area they all came from. Forensic scientists use the stringing pattern method to help them find out the starting point. … More The strings of life

Exit Ticket

What is Metadata? A metadata is data that gives information about other data.   What does google know about you? Google knows where we go and how to connect it to our phone. What makes a password strong? 12+ characters numbers sumbols upercase and lower case letters What else would you like to know about … More Exit Ticket

The Cookie Jar

Fingerprints are used in forensic science to help connect  a person to the crime scene. There are three main patterns, which include Whorls, Loops, and Arches. Within those patterns, there are subcategories. For Whorls, there are also double loop whorls, Loops can be categorized differently into, right loops, left loops, and left/right pocket loop and … More The Cookie Jar

exit ticket

The materials I used include, black fingerprint powder, fiberglass brush, regular camel hair brush, glass beakers, clear tape, a notecard, and my fingerprints. To begin, I gathered oil from places onto my finger , then I pressed my fingerprint on to the glass beaker.  After that, I used the fiberglass brush and camel hair brush … More exit ticket

Her Conscious

Some criminal cases are interesting. In 1987, there was a case with two girls in their twenties. Everyone thought they were beautiful. There was a guy, and both girls wanted to date him but of course only one could. They decided on having a “friendly” duel for him. Neither of the two girls thought someone … More Her Conscious